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Tetra FunTips Tablets

Tetra FunTips Tablets

Tetra FunTips Tablets

Food tablets from special flakes
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 25 g 4.99 EUR (19.96 €/100 g) 
 65 g 9.69 EUR (14.91 €/100 g) 
 115 g 15.29 EUR (13.30 €/100 g) 

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  • Tetra FunTips Tablets are adhesive food tablets consisting of a balanced combination of highquality special flakes and nutritious freeze-dried raw materials - adhere to the glass.
    - contains high-quality freeze-dried natural food (such as gammarus, brine shrimps, water fleas and mosquito larvae)
    - the tablets can be pressed onto the glass of the aquarium so that the ornamental fish can be observed while feeding
    - the ornamental fish can use their biting tools for sucking or nibbling at the tablets
    - contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements

    Recommended feeding for Tetra FunTips Tablets Adhesive food tablets:
    Feed a small numbers of tablets instead of an other food.

    Crude protein: 43 %
    Crude fat: 3 %
    Crude fibre: 2 %
    Crude ash: 11 %
    Water: 9 %

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    at 18.05.2017:
    Ich finde die Tablets sehr gut, lassen sich gut dosieren und meine Fische nehmen sie gut an