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Filter Technic > Air Filters
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air operated internal filter up to 100 l
8.39 €*
Tetra Brillant internal filter
for all aquariums up to 60 litres
7.95 €*
Sera Internal filter L60
for all aquariums up to 150 litres
12.39 €*
Sera Internal filter L150
for all aquariums up to 300 litres
14.19 €*
Sera Internal filter L300

delivers up to 240 /l/hr
4.39 €*
Hobby Lifter mini
biological filter foam cartridg
6.35 €*
JBL Filter foam cartridge for CristalProfi i40

6.35 €*
JBL Sponge for TekAir + i40
powerful air filter
12.95 €*
EHEIM Air filter
Sold Out