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JBL Aquadur

JBL Aquadur

minerals for soft and osmosis water
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  • JBL Aquadur is a mixture of minerals containing both carbonate hardness and general hardness builders. The composition is oriented to the ion distribution of many tropical waters. JBL Aquadur is ideally suited for raising the corbonate hardness and general hardness in all soft waters safely. This causes the puffer capacity to increase, thereby stabilising the pH level and preventing the danger of a sudden drop in acidity. Additional trace elements, which are essential for the important microorganisms in the aquarium in particluar, make soft water that has been conditioned with JBL Aquadur perfect starting water for keeping and breeding all aquarium fish.

    JBL Aquadur can be used to adjust every soft water to every desired degree of hardness according to the needs of the fish by simply stirring in the powder. JBL Aquadur is equally suited for reverse osmosis water and for tap water and rain water that have been softened by ion exchange. JBL Aquadur particularly lends itself to hardening when the starting water contains harmful substances and needs to be conditioned by reverse osmosis or ion exchange. Beyond that, water hardened with JBL Aquadur has an ion distribution that is more favourable for most tropical fish than normal tap water.

    Dosage JBL Aquadur:
    1 measuring spoon (approx. 18.75 g) raises 100 l of water to 2.5° dKH and 3.2° dGH. The conductivity value is increased by approx. 210 µS.
    The contents of the package increase approx. 3000 l water by 1° dKH and 1.6° dGH

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    at 06.12.2015:
    Ich härte mein Osmosewasser mit JBL Aquadur auf (gh+kh). Dosierung ist einfach + es werden wichtige Mineralien dem Wasser hinzugefügt, was bei anderen Salzen leider fehlt. Gutes Produkt zu dem Preis!