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Prodibio Bio Digest is a high biotechnology product with an extreme concentration.
Prodibio Bio Digest

Prodibio Bio Digest

hyper-concentrated bacterial compound
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 30 Ampoules 29.90 EUR 

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  • Prodibio Bio Digest is a high biotechnology product with an extreme concentration. This allows its presentation in ampoule under Nitrogen 30 billion bacteria by bulbs and a very long conservation isolated of the oxygen by avoiding thus bacterial product disadvantages in bottle which degrade as soon as you open them or freeze-dried bacteria which remain dormant. This presentation is very economic because 100% the product is efficient whenever needed.

    Prodibio Bio Digest is a hyper concentrated bacterial compound that satisfies two functions: Installing biological filtration and digesting aquarium waste. Use Bio Digest when starting up an aquarium, during nitrate surges, after filter cleaning, in poor qualitiy water: cloudy water, unpleasant odours, apread of algae and many more. Bio Digest digest organic waste, cleans the aquarium, reduces nitrates, phosphates, fights algae and, through a probiotic effect, reduces the risk of unexplained illness. When used regularly, re-establishes optimal proportions of key bacterial strains and improves water quality.

    Dosage of Prodibio Bio Digest:
    Aquarium starting up: 1 ampoule per 60 litres + 1 ampoule for the filter.
    Aquarium purifier: 1 ampoule up to 1.000 litres every 15 days.

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    at 13.01.2016:
    Super "Stoff"
    Mit diesem und "Bioptim" zusammen, bin ich meine Cyano-Bakterien losgeworden.
    Die Bakterien besiedeln das Riff, so dass die Cyanos keine Chance haben.
    Dazu drei Tage dunkel und die Cyanos waren weg (-:

    at 25.11.2016:
    Excelente producto para mantener tu acuario con un buen nivel de bacterias nitrificantes

    at 03.06.2017:
    Все проехало как всегда быстро ! товаром доволен