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Tropic Marin Lipovit 50 ml

Tropic Marin Lipovit 50 ml

Tropic Marin Lipovit 50 ml

High-energy vitamin additive
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  • Tropic Marin Lipovit means concentrated energy for saltwater fish. A composition of high-grade marine oils provides fish with the very nutrition needed to cope with stressful situations and ward off diseases and parasites. Specifically the omega 3 fatty acids contained in marine oils are vital to saltwater fish. They prevent the dreaded head and lateral line erosion (HLLE) disease. There is no growth or sense of well-being for fish without these polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    The composition of oils contained in Tropic Marin Lipovit allowed the content and selection of vitamins to be specifically adapted to meet the needs of fish. In this way the very dose of vitamins that fish need is supplemented. The added vitamins C and E protect the cells of fish from the damage of free radicals. Panthotenic acid (vitamin B 5) plays a central role in many metabolic processes, it is needed for the immune defence and reduces the mortality rate of young fish. Fish benefit from the natural carotenoids contained in Tropic Marin Lipovit that fulfil a function similar to vitamins. In addition to enhancing colour, carotenoids also boost the fertility of fish and their readiness to spawn in particular. Successful spawning is directly correlated with the carotenoid content of fish. The garlic oil contained in the product helps the defence mechanism of fish to ward off parasites and it makes their food more attractive.

    Last but not least, with Tropic Marin Lipovit fish are better able to make use of the nutrients. And this, in turn, reduces the burden on water caused by nitrate and phosphate.

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