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T5 Lighting

premium growing light for aquarium plants
from 18.59 €*
Dennerle TROCAL T5 Special Plant
brilliant day light for fresh water aquaria
from 19.99 €*
Dennerle TROCAL T5 Amazon Day
Colour-boosting effect
from 18.95 €*
Dennerle TROCAL T5 Color Plus
with replaceable foil
from 9.95 €*
Juwel HiFlex Reflector T5+T8

Replacement foil for Juwel HiFlex
4.49 €*
Juwel HiFlex Foil
Full-spectrum daylight for fresh and marine water
from 20.85 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Natur T5
Full-spectrum tube for aquatic plants
from 20.85 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Tropic T5
Daylight tube for sea water aquariums
from 21.79 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Marin Day T5

special blue tube for marine aquariums
from 22.75 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Marin Blue T5
for increasing the coloure intensity
from 23.69 €*
JBL Solar Ultra Color T5
from 62.95 €*
Arcadia Ultra Seal Electronic Single Fluoreszent Controller T5

creates a cool and bright light
from 9.95 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Day
creates a warm and natural light
from 9.95 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Nature
from 9.95 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Colour
creates a actinic blue light
from 9.95 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Blue

creates a intense white light for marine water
from 9.95 €*
Juwel High-Lite Fluorescent lamp Marine
for healthy plant growth
from 14.39 €*
Sylvania Gro-Lux T5
simulates tropical light spectrum
from 13.79 €*
Sylvania Aquastar T5
improves the growth of corals
from 13.49 €*
Sylvania Coralstar T5

Power tube for marine water
from 10.90 €*
Sylvania Marinestar T5
actinic blue fluorescent lamp
from 16.95 €*
Aqua Medic T5 Reef Blue
bright white lamp with 10,000 K
from 16.95 €*
Aqua Medic T5 Reef White 10K
tropical daylight for planted aquarium
from 19.95 €*
Aqua Medic T5 Plant Grow

blue/white lamp with 15,000 K
from 17.95 €*
Aqua Medic T5 Reef White 15K
replacement clips for reflector
from 2.59 €*
Juwel HiFlex Clips
High Power reflector for T5/T8
from 14.95 €*
Dennerle TROCAL Longlife Power Reflect T5/T8
high power reflector for T5 lamps
from 9.90 €*
Giesemann Reflector

from 8.49 €*
Arcadia high polish reflektor T5
combination bulb: 60% white, 40% blue light
from 15.75 €*
Arcadia Marine Hybrid 60/40 T5 Fluorescent Lamp
accentuates reds and blues
from 14.95 €*
Arcadia Marine Pink T5 Fluorescent Lamp
the new T5 fluorescent tubes with extra high output
from 13.95 €*
Arcadia Marine White T5 14,000 K

60% Marine White + 40% Marine Blue
from 16.95 €*
Arcadia Marine Hybrid T5
optimised blue and red spectrum
from 14.95 €*
EHEIM freshpower Plants T5
dimmable clip lamp for small tanks
39.95 €*
sera Nano LED light Clip Lamp

from 9.95 €*
EHEIM marinepower actinic blue T5
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