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Aqua Medic ferreal +spureal

Aqua Medic ferreal +spureal

Aqua Medic ferreal +spureal

concentrated iron fertilizer
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 250 ml 8.19 EUR (32.76 €/L) 
 1000 ml 21.90 EUR (21.90 €/L) 
 5000 ml 72.90 EUR (14.58 €/L) 

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  • Aqua Medic ferreal is a combined compound containing iron and further essential trace elements such as manganese, molybdenum, boron, zinc and cobalt that are essential to aquatic plants. Aqua Medic ferreal is rapidly assimilated by the plants. If used regulary, it promotes plant growth and discourages yellowing of the leaves. It gives the colors of the plants an enhanced brilliance.

    Application Aqua Medic ferreal +spureal
    Add 10 ml ferreal + spureal per 100 l of aquarium water once a week. Ingredients: Iron chelate, cobalt chloride, zinc chloride, boric acid, potassium iodide

    250 ml for 2500 litres of aquarium water
    1000 ml for 10,000 litres of aquarium water
    5000 ml for 50,000 litres of aquarium water

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