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Nymphoides spec. Taiwan In-Vitro Dennerle

Dennerle Nymphoides spec.
Nymphoides spec. Taiwan In-Vitro Dennerle

  • Dennerle Nymphoides spec. Taiwan In-Vitro
    In contrast to many other Nymphoides species with floating leaves, this species only forms underwater leaves. The decorative, vibrant, light green leaves create excellent contrast with other green or coloured aquarium plants. The origin of this species is still uncertain – the first examples were imported from Taiwan. Hence the variety name of this low-maintenance Nymphoides species, -Taiwan-. This plant is also especially well-suited to Discus aquaria. The fish like to hang around under the leaf canopy

    + for the middle of the aquarium
    + medium fast in the growth
    + grows up to 40 cm in the heigth
    + Temperature Range: 18-28°C
    + CO2-Requirements: 10-30 mg/l
    + easy to cultivating plant with higher light requirements

    Dennerle plant-it! In-Vitro plants are cultivated in the laboratory under sterile conditions. They are supplied in a 7 cm, sealed tub filled with nutrition jelly. The small plants are completely free of algae and snails and can be planted directly. This product is ideal for smaller aquaria and Nano Cubes and for modern aquascaping. But they are also suitbale for larger aquariums and tanks which are already setted up.

    The top right hand corner of the packaging very clearly shows how much care each plant requires. Before introducing the plants, the nutrient medium simply has to be rinsed and the plants divided. Clean it, cut it, PLANTit!

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    at 25.02.2016:
    Die Qualität des Artikels ist sehr gut, Die Pflanze wurde in einem sehr guten Behälter verschickt und hat sich im Aquarium gut

    entwickelt. Produkt mit Lieferung und Qualität empfehlenswert.