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EHEIM aquastyle 16

EHEIM aquastyle 16

EHEIM aquastyle 16

Nano design aquarium, 16 l content
  92.95 EUR 

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  • technical data EHEIM aqua style 16:
    Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 28 cm
    Glass thickness: 4 mm
    Content: 16 litres
    Lighting: Power-LED 7 w, 1200 lumens, 20.000 service hours
    Internal filter: 200 l/h, Hmax: 0,4 m
    Power consumption: 4 W
    the suitable cabinet is separetely available

    The new EHEIM aqua style 16 is a design nano aquarium set complete with lighting and EHEIM internal filter. Get yourself an attractive highlight for your living room or work place. Suitable for the EHEIM aqua style 16 aquarium, an elegant aquarium cabinet is available.

    + high quality nano design aquarium with bow front and rounded glass corners
    + 7 w power-LED with high energy efficiency combined with excellent illumination
    + internal corner filter, specially designed for nano aquariums ensuring optimum biological and mechanical filtration
    + specially developed for shrimps, aquarium snails and other invertebrates
    + the light brightness ensures good plant growth

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    at 16.12.2015:
    Bottom Line; if you are looking for a smaller tank the Eheim Aquastyle is an excellent choice and as of this writing you can not find a better engineered aquarium in this size..Easy to see why Eheim received awarards for this aquarium. It is bright, well engineered and looks fantastic. I received on friday and within 1 hour everything was together, filter filled with media and insterted, dropped in some aquascaping and filled the tank with cycled water from a seperate tank. Went out Sunday and purchased 3 Swordtails who are enjoying the new home