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EHEIM Deco Set aqua style

EHEIM Deco Set aqua style

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  • The EHEIM aquastyle Deco Set contains the perfect decoration for your EHEIM aquastyle 16,24,35 l Nano aquarium or every other small aquarium:

    Natural anthracite gravel (6.5 kg):
    + high quality look
    + free from harmful contaminants
    + free from artificial colourants

    Natural stone (3 pieces)
    + karstic, grey limestone
    + for discerning arrangement with Asian flair
    + for the set up of underwater seascape
    + suitable for creating hiding places and caves

    Natural decorative roots (2 pieces):
    + high quality yati wood
    + creates a natural effect in the aquarium

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    at 28.05.2016:
    Very good set. ground beautiful color anthracite. water looks darker. wood and stones are very harmonious set.