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JBL AlgoPond Direct

JBL AlgoPond Direct

JBL AlgoPond Direct

Eliminates thread algae
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 250 g 13.10 EUR (52.40 €/kg) 
 1000 g 30.16 EUR (30.16 €/kg) 
 2500 g 47.45 EUR (18.98 €/kg) 

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  • JBL AlgoPond Direct acts through the oxygen which is released in the water. The oxygen attacks the algae cells and destroys them. The effect is immediate and the thread algae noticeably begin to die off within hours. After 24 – 48 hours most of the algae has completely died back. Dead or dying, floating algae can be easily removed using a fish net. Firmly attached thread algae can be removed mechanically once they have died back.

    Thread algae are the most common type of algae in the garden pond, along with floating algae. They develop mainly in the spring and summer in unshaded, often shallow areas and streams or grow on stones and other objects. The causes of algae, in addition to the large amounts of light in semi-shaded or unshaded ponds, are an excess of nutrients, particularly phosphates. Phosphates enter the garden pond through fish food, but more frequently through pollen in spring and leaves in late summer/autumn. The phosphate level of a garden pond should be a maximum 0.05 mg/l and should be checked regularly.

    Use of JBL AlgoPond Direct:
    Dosage: 30-50 g JBL AlgoPond Direct per 1,000 l pond water. Sprinkle evenly directly over the clumps of thread algae in the morning. Avoid direct contact with the leaves of aquatic plants. If accidentally sprinkled on plant leaves, wash off powder immediately with water. Treatment may have to be repeated on thick clumps of algae. Do not use at pH levels above 8.5, therefore apply the dose in the morning. The carbonate hardness should be at least 4 ° KH. If this is not the case, increase the hardness of the pond water with JBL StabiloPond KH the evening before use. Repeat treatments can be carried out after 3-4 days at the earliest. JBL AlgoPond Direct can be used several times throughout the garden pond season. The active ingredient breaks down into components which occur naturally in the pond and therefore do not pollute the pond habitat.

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