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with replaceable foil
from 8.29 €*
Juwel HiFlex Reflector T5+T8
Replacement foil for Juwel HiFlex
4.49 €*
Juwel HiFlex Foil
replacement clips for reflector
from 2.59 €*
Juwel HiFlex Clips
high power reflector for T5 lamps
from 9.90 €*
Giesemann Reflector

from 9.95 €*
Arcadia high polish reflektor
from 9.95 €*
Arcadia high polish reflektor T5
High Power reflector for T5/T8
from 14.95 €*
Dennerle TROCAL Longlife Power Reflect T5/T8

suitable for all Juwel reflectors
from 2.49 €*
Juwel Plastic clips for reflector
replacement clips for Arcadia reflectors
from 3.19 €*
Arcadia Replacement clips for reflektors

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